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Player System Installation

Nothing can match the elegance and grace of a live piano performance in your living room. Whether you’re relaxing after work, hosting a Derby party, or just enjoying a romantic evening “in,” we can turn your piano into a source of endless – and effortless – enjoyment without disturbing the natural look, sound, or feel of your piano.

Vertical or grand, old or new, we can transform your piano into a digital player system with incredible, invisible technology that will perfectly link with your home PC, tablet, or wireless internet. All you have to do is select the piano of your dreams, choose the digital features that most appeal to you, and wait while we customize the perfect “player piano” for you.

Connect your tablet, PC, or wireless network to your piano and enjoy hours of music. No CDs. No rolls. No disks of any kind. Record yourself! Sing karaoke! Play with headphones. Keep your music in \”The Cloud.\” Our installers can do it all!