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  • Get Your Piano Tuned for The Kentucky Derby Make Your Derby Party SWING This Year! Derby is coming up FAST and the party planners are out in force. Make sure your piano is ready. We can tune it at our special Derby discount! Don't have a piano? Pick one from gist with karaoke for the whole crew! Click for detials.
  • Used Pianos The Bargain Bin Browse through our UNBELIEVABLE collection of clearance pianos, used pianos, used digital pianos and select factory specials. ...and if you can't find what you're looking for - never fear. We have a HOST of options for your family!
  • The Top 5 Bluetooth Apps for Your Digital Piano The Top Five Bluetooth Apps for Your Digital Piano Today's app market is FULL of fun and exciting programs that enrich your digital piano experience. Check out James's latest blog - where he describes the five 'must have' apps for your digital piano.