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Piano Moving Service

Gist Piano does the hard work for you

Piano moving is a serious job, best left to the professionals at Gist Piano

Moving a piano is no small task. The sheer weight and size of these delicate instruments make them difficult to handle for most people. In inexperienced or untrained hands, a piano may be damaged or cause damage to you, your home or your building. Avoid expensive and unnecessary repair costs. Have a professional move your piano.

Gist Piano Center provides professional piano moving services to world-famous musicians, performance venues, universities, teachers and private owners throughout the bi-state region. Our experienced piano movers will carefully package your piano, prepare it for shipment, transport it with all the proper equipment and position it for you in its new location. Our services are fully insured and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Who better to move your piano than a piano service company?

Don’t risk your own safety or the safety of your piano or home. Contact Matt today and let us take care of your piano moving needs.

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Piano moving truck for residential