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"James, our new Brodmann piano sounded awesome Sunday! In the sanctuary setting (away from the other pianos) I am amazed at the deep, rich tone. I went to the church Friday evening and played for over an hour – and it is so smooth, it almost sounds like an organ at times! And the range of dynamics is amazing as well. I am very pleased with our choice!!"

-Shirley W., October, 31, 2016

"I am in love with the [Roland HP-605] piano! Unfortunately (or fortunately, which ever way you want to look at it) I can’t marry an inanimate object. Thought I might be able to argue that it feels alive at times when I’m playing. But I digress!"

-Brad S., August, 9, 2016

"I purchased an Essex Grand Piano and a Roland FP-50 in June from Gist Piano Center. What a pleasure they were to work with. From the moment I walked into Gist and told James Harding what I wanted, the Gist team has been wonderful. They delivered the Essex the same week that I bought it. The delivery team was outstanding as they carefully took out my old piano and set the new Essex in place. Lisa has been fabulous to work with as the Essex has needed some minor tweaks. Everyone on the Gist staff treated me with respect and courtesy. Thanks to Gist, I now have the pianos that I dreamed of playing and owning!"

-Tammy B., July 8, 2013

“I went in last week to search for a piano, after finally being in a home again where one will fit (barely)! I didn't necessarily expect to make a decision that day, but I wanted to check out my options. After going to a few other stores, Gist Piano Center was a refreshing change. I was greeted and helped by James Harding, who was very friendly and obviously knew his stuff. He was incredibly helpful and obviously passionate about their pianos, which was lovely. I ended up purchasing a fabulous piano, which was just delivered to me about an hour ago! The two men who delivered my piano (I am kicking myself for not being able to remember their names) were right on time, very friendly, and knew what they were doing. Even with some very tight spaces, they were innovative and found a way to put my piano exactly where I wanted it to be. I am so appreciative of both the sales and delivery staff for all of their help, and I would recommend that anyone looking for a piano in the Louisville area (or beyond!) check on Gist Piano Center!”

-Hannah B., June 14, 2013

“Since joining the Gist Piano Partner's in Education Program a few months ago, I have been extremely happy. Heather is wonderful to deal with at the store and through social media. I send all my students to Gist for their piano books and we are looking forward to having our first recital in their large recital hall in the spring.”

-Erin T., February 20, 2013

“Gist Piano Center has been the exclusive provider of pianos and all piano services for the Louisville Orchestra since 1975. Their behind-the-scenes work and their commitment to excellence is a national model. Their support for the Louisville Orchestra - and the entire performing arts community - through the good times as well as the difficult ones is truly outstanding and recognized across Kentucky. We are grateful.”

-Brad B., August 17, 2008

“...Ron should not only be congratulated for his success with Gist Piano Center, but he should be recognized for his service to the community. He has dedicated himself to making a difference in people’s lives through music. By creating more avenues for young people to express themselves, like through playing the piano, children can learn how to imagine, create, and organize the power of music. These skills can later be used as key tools to succeed in the future as they enter adulthood. Thank you, Ron, for ensuring a better future for this state as the younger generations are better equipped to lead Kentucky.

Your hard work continues to display an un-swerving commitment to the people of Kentucky and has received the respect and gratitude of many in the community.

On behalf of myself and my colleagues in the United States Senate, thank you for giving so much of yourself for so many others in Louisville, the state of Kentucky and the entire music industry.”

-Mitch M., July, 2000 [Exerpt from The Congressional Record]

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