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Brodmann PE-228

Brodmann Pianos – PE-228

Brodmann PE-228

Brodmann PE-228

Model: PE-228  |  Size: 7’6″  |  Studio Finish: Ebony Polish  |  Warranty: 10 years


  • The Piano Buyer (Larry Fine) recommends Brodmann pianos in their “Staff Pics” as a “Musical Standout” AND a “Great Value.”
  • We bought four of them to test them out in our market. All four sold in 24hrs.
  • We bought another batch of them. THEY all sold in one week.
  • Since we have taken on Brodmann, we’ve never had a “full inventory.” They keep selling!
  • Our teachers gave Brodmann grands an average 5 of 5 stars.
  • Brodmann uprights come with artist benches AND full-scale a-graphs!
  • Listen to the incredible BASS on a Brodmann upright.

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The Brodmann Story

A small Austrian workshop run by a master piano craftsman named Joseph Brodmann, is where the Brodmann piano was created. Brodmann was not only a famous piano builder, but he was a famous mentor as well. In fact, upon his retirement, he gave his factory, his designs and his passion to his most talented student: Ignaz Bosendorfer. From there, Bosendorfer pianos (which began as “products of Brodmann”) became synonymous with quality and, today, are universally recognized as the finest pianos money can buy.

Today, Brodmann is headquartered in Austria, but it builds parts for its pianos all over the World. They then ship pianos around the World – including to Gist (the region’s only authorized Brodmann piano dealership) – where we prep the instruments to meet the needs of the area’s finest musicians.

Brodmann’s piano construction is that of the highest quality. The rim is made out of beech and maple wood and the souboard is made from apline spruce. These combinations make for a powerful piano! The plates that reside within the piano are hand casted in a wet mold, which is a traditional viennese method.