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Gist Piano Center is the MidWest's leading family-owned, full-service piano house. As the area's largest piano outlet, we're able to obtain the very best piano values from the most respected names in the industry, including Brodmann, Baldwin, Roland, Knabe, and more. We pre-shop piano companies so we can offer you an unbeatable selection of the finest playing and sounding instruments in the industry at prices you won't find anywhere else. Guaranteed.

Whether you're looking for sheet music in any key, music books, music software, pianos, digital pianos, keyboards or player pianos, we have the perfect instrument for you.

Come take a leisurely stroll through our 14,000 sq ft facility in Louisville and see why Gist Piano Center is The MidWest's leading piano house.

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Browse our exclusive selection of piano accessories - ready for immediate purchase at our online store. Click here for the best price on our online selection of piano accessories.

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Can't find what you're looking for online? Stop by Gist Piano Center in Louisville or Lexington and we will make sure you find the piano of your dreams.

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