Gist Piano Center
Safari - only at Gist Piano Center


Louisville: Friday, April 17

Gist Piano Center invites you to come on safari with us and experience the mystery, the adventure and the romance of music from all around The World!

Legendary explorer, music naturalist, animal lover and historian, Heather "Guinea Pig" Hamilton, will be your guide as we explore the hidden melodies of ancient cultures the way only Gist Piano Center can.

The Swahili word "safari" means long journey, but this adventure will only last one glorious hour. Dress appropriately and make sure you have your sunblock and bug spray. You never know what might be lurking in the jungle!

Safari is the latest in a series of theme recitals designed to enhance the piano lessons experience and show area families how much fun playing the piano can be. Families are encouraged to come dressed for safari - with khaki clothing, pith helmets, slouch hats (or silly hats of any kind), animal patters and/or accessories like binoculars and canteens. Shorts are welcome! Have fun with it because you will be on camera and the World is Watching!

Get your shots, pack your bags and make sure to get your piano passport from Heather Hamilton betweeen March 16 and April 4. The Safari Adventure will fill up fast. Don't be left behind!

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