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Is Your Starter Option Really Worry-Free?

Portable Keyboards feel nothing like pianos.  It is impossible to learn piano on a keyboard. Buying pianos from private owners online is tricky.  Most people don't even know their pianos are in terrible shape. Pianos that are in playable condition have a value.  FREE pianos are always money pits in the long run. There is nothing grand about big old upright pianos.  They are too old to play or maintain without a complete rebuild. Spinet pianos are worthless as starter instruments.  They are too old to maintain, their keys are too short and they have a very sluggish action.


80% who start on a portable keyboard quit in the first year.

Getting a student interested in taking piano lessons is easy. Keeping that student’s interest can be much more difficult - especially when he or she is practicing on a sub-standard instrument. Nationwide, the number one reason most students quit taking piano lessons is because they lack a good practice instrument at home.

You don’t have to spend thousands to see if your student is going to “stick with it” either. Avoid the portable keyboard trap, the “free” piano money pit, the sluggish spinet, and the over-hyped internet special. Give your student a chance to succeed with the Gist Piano Center SpreadPay™ program. It’s easy. Just choose your piano, choose a payment, and select your priority delivery date. Then, when your 2-year payment period is over, you own your piano!

Pay your piano off early at any time without penalty. Uprgade and receive the full paid-in value of your piano towards your new instrument. You can even cancel the plan if your student quits lessons. Gist Piano Center's SpreadPay™ program is your safety net.

Don't force your student to "prove herself" on a substandard practice instrument. Start her the right way with SpreadPay™ - exclusively at Gist Piano Center.

Payments from $55 a month*!

* - Credit approval required.

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