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Gist Piano Center has over 40 years experience with Vintage Steinway and Heirloom Piano Restoration

Heirloom Piano Restoration

Lovingly revitalizing Vintage Steinways and other heirloom pianos for the next generation of aspiring musicians.

Words like “refurbished,” “restored,” “reconditioned,” and “repaired” are often interchangeable and can have many meanings.  Under the care of skilled craftspersons, venerable older grand pianos - especially those with sentimental value or “art” style cabinets - can be refinished and restored to their original beauty.   

That’s where we come in.  Each year, our Restoration Center rebuilds pianos for families and institutions from across the nation. From concert pianos, priceless antiques to family heirlooms, we arrange for safe transportation of these pianos to our restoration facility. Then, we disassemble it piece by piece, install all new authentic parts adjusted to original specifications, refinish it to your custom preferences and return it safely to your home with a brand new warranty and a restoration portfolio.

Whether you have a Vintage Steinway that has been neglected or you want to pass down your grandmother's childhood piano to your children, our experts can bring your piano back to its natural appearance and acoustic personality.

Call our Restoration Center at (502) 451-1831 (Option 1) today and setup your piano restoration consultation today.

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