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March, 2014
Evaluating a Used Piano
Frozen is Here!
Evauluating a Used PianoWe hear the terms "perfectly good piano" and "...in great shape" far too often these days.  How do you know the used piano you're considering is a good investment?  Check out this important video!
The Gist Piano BlogWell, Winter might be at an end in the Blue Grass State, but that doesn't mean you wouldn't want to build a snowman!  Frozen has arrived at Gist Piano Center.  Learn more by clicking below!
Kentucky Statewide Piano Clearance Sale
Kentucky Statewide Piano Clearance SaleYamaha has cancelled their previous Kentucky dealer and - after reviewing our Partners In Education Program, our theme recitals and all the great stuff we do, they have appointed Gist Piano Center as Kentucky and Southern Indiana's NEW home for Yamaha pianos!

Our first joint event with Yamaha will provide you -  our loyal readers - with a tremendous opportunity.  With our help, Yamaha is closing out all of the demo pianos, store display instruments, loaner pianos, closeout Clavinovas...and ALL the other unsold inventory from the previous Yamaha dealer (several stores worth of inventory!).
If you act quickly, you will have first pick of this clearance inventory.  These pianos will be sold at sacrifical pricing so Yamaha doesn't have to ship them back to California.
The sale will be held on Saturday, April 12 for FIVE HOURS ONLY.  No appointments.  No previews.  No telephone or internet pricing.  Everything will be sold on a "first come-first served" basis.
There will never be a better time to select your NEW or USED Yamaha or Steinway piano, Roland Digital Pianos, or instruments from Kingsburg, Knabe, Boston, Essex and more!  Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime statewide clearance event!
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Yamaha Teacher Clinics!
Louisville Chocolate Party
Piano Teacher ClinicJoin us as Yamaha's famous keyboardist, arranger, clinician and software designer, Craig Knudsen, shows us "Today's Tools for Traditional Teaching."  You'll learn how to enhance your students' skills, motivate them to practice and increase your income.  Don't miss this life-changing program!
chocolate partyGist Piano Center is Kentucky's new home for Yamaha Pianos and we're kicking off this new partnership in style!  Join us in Louisville on Thursday, April 24 (6-8pm) for an evening of delicious chocolate, sweet music and tasty technology!  Admission is FREE and so is the chocolate!  How can you turn that down?
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