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January, 2014
Halloweekend 2014
New SuperNATURAL Pianos!
Halloweekend 2013 VideoAuthorities have finally called off the search for nearly 500 missing piano students who allegedly participated in Gist Piano Center's Halloweekend 2013 event.  After detaining Gist's staff, students again disappeared.
The Gist Piano BlogRoland is releasing a new line of HP-Series SuperNATURAL digital pianos this month!  Before they come in, though, you can refresh your understanding of the powerful SuperNATURAL sound technology that only Roland offers!
Have You and Your Piano Grown Apart?
Fall in Love AgainDo you remember how your piano made you feel when you first met?
Have you grown apart?
Life is too short.  Make sure your piano is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Now through February 14, Gist Piano Center wants to help you fall in love with your piano again.  Break up with your old piano and trade it in today.  We'll give you 110% of your old piano's value towards your new "baby."  ...or add a player system to your piano and we'll give you $1000 of FREE music to enjoy together!
Begin making beautiful music together again.  Fall in love with your piano all over again - now through February 14 at Gist Piano Center in Louisville and Lexington.
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The Steinway Startup Plan
SpreadPay vs. Piano Rental
Steinway Startup PlanYou would never ask your child to learn soccer without proper shoes.  You would never promise to buy your kids a book once they learn to read.  Why would you start your student on an unreliable piano or a keyboard until they learn to play?  We only get one shot to get a student interested in a lifetime of music.  Start right.  Start with the all-new Steinway Startup Plan - from only $99!
SpreadPay vs. RentalThe most common question people ask us (besides how often they should have their pianos tuned) is whether or not we rent pianos.  While we understand the need for a "safety net" for such a large purchase, we also know how expensive rental plans are.  Thus, we created SpreadPay.  Check out this SpreadPay vs. Piano Rental comparison flyer.  You'll never want to rent a piano again!
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Piano Specials
Upcoming Events
http://hosting.fyleio.com/23824/internal/templates/67477/Are you looking for the best deal on a new or gently used instrument?

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[Now - Feb. 14] Fall in Love Promotion
(Louisville and Lexington)
[Now - Feb. 22] Hollywood Nights Signups
 (Recital is already full for 2014)
[Feb. 6] Group Piano Classes Resume
[Feb. 14] Valentines Day
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