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July, 2013
Disney Recital 2013
What Piano Does For You
Disney LogoSaturday, July 12, boys and girls from all over the Louisville area  entered a kingdom of music, magic and Mikey Mouse as we experienced the "Happiest Recital on Earth!"
The Gist Piano BlogProbably the most important article ever posted to The Gist Piano Blog, this document states a strong case for piano lessons.  See what piano does for your body, mind and overall well-being.
University of Louisville Fundraiser Piano Sale
If you have been thinking of selecting a new or used piano, digital piano, keyboard or player piano for your home, now is the time. Gist Piano Center and The University of Louisville have partnered with a number of international piano builders - including the legendary Steinway & Sons Piano Company, Roland Digital Musical Instruments and many more - to provide Louisville-area residents with a rare opportunity to purchase new or slightly used grand, upright and digital pianos at a fraction of their market value.
This rare event will be held at Gist Piano Center in Louisville for one day only - Saturday, August 10 (from Noon - 5pm) and will be open to residents of Kentucky and Southern Indiana.
A very limited number of private selection times are available (August 8 and 9) to Piano Monthly subscribers.
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Group Adult Piano Classes
Lexington Teacher Workshop
Gist Piano AcademyJoin us at Gist Piano Academy's Open House on August 7th at 1:00pm to learn more about two exciting classes that we will be offering for adults!  During the open house, you will be able to meet your instructor and experience what it is like to play in a piano lab.  Don't worry, no one will be able to hear you... You get to wear headphones!
Piano ClinicJoin us at Gist Piano Center Lexington on Friday, August 16 from 4pm - 6pm as we explore ways to partner traditional teaching techniques and interactive technology to inspire creativity, cultivate talent and enhance our students overall desire to make music.  Catherine Davis will give you tips to meet the needs of your 21st Century Learners.  See you there!
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Piano Specials
Upcoming Events
http://hosting.fyleio.com/23824/internal/templates/67477/Are you looking for the best deal on a new or gently used instrument?

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