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January, 2013
The Knabe Factory
What is SuperNATURAL Piano?
Knabe FactoryFilled with such noted figures as Francis Scott Key, Peter Tchaikovsky, and seven US Presidents, Knabe's heritage is incredibly rich.  Discover the history, the philosophies and the construction that makes Knabe Pianos so unique.

The Gist Piano BlogProbably the most common question we get online is "What the heck is a SuperNATURAL Piano?"  It's a good question and you won't want to miss the fascinating answer in James's newest video blog.
Gist Features Art Case Steinway & Sons Piano at KMAC
Art Case Steinway
Gist Piano Center and the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft (KMAC) have partnered to bring a truly unique new exhibit to the Louisville area. 
"Wendell Castle:  Forms Within Forms" is open now through February 3 at KMAC's West Main Street gallery.  Within, you will find - among some amazing pieces of priceless art - a one-of-a-kind Art-Case Steinway & Sons Piano.
Designed by Wendell Castle, "Caligari" is a mix of Old-World Handcraftsmanship and modern design.  You won't believe the result. Like a work of fine art or an haute couture garment, Steinway & Sons Art Case Pianos represent the highest level of luxury and exclusivity. All Art Case owners can take pride in the assurance that the piano they own is the only one like it in the world - an elegant design that will never be replicated.
Don't miss "Caligari's" brief visit to Kentucky.  Contact us for FREE tickets today!

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New in Lexington!
Knabe Celebrates 175yrs!
OrnamentGist Piano Center is thrilled to welcome Nate Craddock to our Lexington staff.  He will assist Heather with daily operations and coordinate our new Google + page.  Please join us in helping Nate feel welcome in Lexington!
Knabe 175th PianoIn celebration of their 175th Anniversary, Knabe is proud to announce two stunning, limited edition pianos - available exclusively at Gist Piano Center for a limited time. Stop in today and explore these incredible pianos!
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Piano Specials
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Happy 2013! 
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