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Player Pianos

Nothing can match the elegance and grace of a live piano performance in your living room. Whether you’re relaxing after work, hosting a Derby party, or just enjoying a romantic
evening “in,” we can offer you an experience that no mere "player piano" can match. Our expert, in-house installers can transform your piano into a source of endless - and effortless - enjoyment without disturbing its natural look, sound, or feel. Even better - you only pay for the features you want. Each system is upgradeable and customized to your specific needs. Powered by QRS "The Original Player Piano Company," our player piano system can help you enjoy your piano in ways you never even dreamed.

QRS PNOMation-II Player Piano System Gist Piano Center
Add player piano features to your piano.
Vertical or grand, old or new, we can transform your piano into a digital entertainment system with incredible, virtually invisible technology.

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QRS PNOMation-II Player Piano Systems