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Digital Baby Grand Piano

The GP-609 Roland Digital Baby Grand Piano Video Overview
GP-609 Roland Digital Grand Piano GP-609 Roland Digital Grand Piano GP-609 Roland Digital Grand Piano GP-609 Roland Digital Grand Piano GP-609 Roland Digital Grand Piano GP-609 Roland Digital Grand Piano GP-609 Roland Digital Grand Piano GP-609 Roland Digital Grand Piano GP-609 Roland Digital Grand Piano GP-609 Roland Digital Grand Piano

GP-609 Roland Digital Grand Piano

A Grand Fusion of Tradition and Technology

For centuries, the grand piano has been the quintessential symbol of style and sophistication. Now, with the introduction of the flagship GP-609 baby grand piano, Roland advances this tradition in a way only Roland can. Merging industry-first technologies with traditional piano building, the Roland GP-609 brings modern technology to the joy of playing a fine grand piano.

Imagine a baby grand piano that can withstand the rigors of dramatic climate changes without ever needing to be tuned or maintained.

The Roland GP-609 gives you the freedom to enjoy your music anywhere - anytime with premium headphones and Roland's advanced 3D Ambiance technology. Roland's exclusive SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling sound engine brings rich, complex tonal textures to the GP-609's multi-channel Acoustic Projection speaker system. Combined with Roland's award-winning PHA-50 hybrid wood/resin action, these technologies provide the same control and dramatic expression one would expect from the World's most expensive concert grand pianos.

Supremely customizable and infinately updateable, the Roland GP-609 will delight even the most discerning players for decades to come - without becoming obsolete. ...and thanks to the fully-integrated Bluetooth MIDI, Page-Turn and Audio system, the GP-609 connects you to a World of musical apps that will capture your imagination and ignite your passion for music every time you play.

Additional "Key" Features:

  • Industry-first Piano Designer - Use the app or on-board keys to customize the piano sound to your specific taste. With a few simple adjustments, you can play your dream piano whenever you want!
  • Headphones 3D Ambiance technology puts you in the middle of your music - giving you a warm, realistic sound when you feel like playing privately. You can even limit the volume through headphones to protect your ears.
  • Bluetooth LogoIndustry-first Bluetooth® technology connects with any smart phone or tablet (iOS, Windows or Android). Use the latest music learning apps or turn the pages on your digital sheet music wirelessly!
  • Play music from your smart phone or tablet through your piano wirelessly using Bluetooth® technology!
  • Enjoy an ALL-NEW library of non-piano sounds, including strings, brass, organ and many others.
  • 25 on-board registrations allow you to store your favorite sounds setups (including layers and splits) and retrieve them with the touch of a button! You can even save them to your USB flash drive for quick and easy recall!
  • [UPGRADE FROM GP-607] 7-Large-Speaker Acoustic Projection sound system provides rich textures and deep, resonant bass as different sounds from each speaker pair mix in the air and hit your ears like an acoustic grand piano! In the GP-609, these speakers are uniquely-positioned to expand the acoustic piano feel and enhance every nuance of your performance. It is truly a premium playing experience.
  • Large, on-board song library covers piano classics, as well as popular lessons songs such as Czerny 100 and Hanon
  • Built-in "Easy Record" feature empowers you to easily capture your performances as MIDI or audio files (optional USB flash memory required for audio recording)
  • Transpose your (MIDI or audio) songs or change their tempo independently. You can even remove the vocals from most audio CD files!
  • Progressive Damper Action pedal with continuous response gives you the pedal control of an acoustic grand, accommodating half-pedaling, flutter-pedaling and more!
  • [UPGRADE FROM GP-607] Sleek baby grand piano cabinet looks just like a traditional grand piano. Available in polished ebony, or white.Roland 10-Year Warranty
  • Industry-first - TEN YEAR Parts and Labor Warranty! Roland is so confident of their pianos' quality that they offer a warranty that is twice as long (or more) as the warranties you'll find elsewhere. Think about it: What other electronic product comes with a 10-year warranty today?!

Available Finishes:

Ebony Polish Finish Roland Digital Grand Piano White Polish Finish Roland Digital Grand Piano