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16-Student Stations, 1 Teacher Station

Expanded Roland Piano Lab Package
Roland GLC-1C Piano Lab Conferencing System Koss SB-45 Headset for Roland Piano Lab Teacher Station - Roland HPi-50e Teacher Station - Roland HPi-50e Student Station - Roland HP-601 with Bluetooth

Expanded Roland Piano Lab Package

Designed for larger universities and public school music classes, this lab package includes everything you need to begin larger music classes. Expandable to up to 48 student stations and 1 teacher station, the Expanded Roland Piano Lab Package includes the following:

  • 1 GLC-1C Roland Piano Lab Conferencing System
  • 1 GLC-EXPKIT Roland Piano Lab Expansion Card (Installed)
  • 17 Koss SB-45 Headsets
  • 1 Roland HPi-50e Interactive Teaching Piano with Bench
  • 16 Roland HP-601 Student Pianos with Benches
  • Twin Piano Mode Puts 2 Students at Each Piano for Up to 32 Students at Once
  • All cables, Student Boxes and External Hubs Included
  • FREE Installation and Setup
  • FREE On-Site Training
  • FREE Technical Support
  • FREE Software Upgrades
  • LIFETIME Limited Warranty on Koss Headsets
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