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Church Pianos at Gist Piano Center

Worship Leaders Recommend:
Brodmann PE-228 Conservatory Grand Piano
7'5"" Conservatory Grand Piano
From a gentle whisper to the roar of a concert grand, this piano brings clarity and depth to every single note.
Brodmann PE-121 Professional Studio Upright Piano
48" Professional Upright Piano
Easily one of the most popular-selling upright pianos we've ever seen, the PE-121 is perfect for players of all ages and skill levels.
The Roland Baby Grand Digital Grand Piano
Digital Baby Grand Piano
A 7-speaker Acoustic Projection™ sound system, piano modeling technology, and Bluetooth make this piano the ultimate digital grand experience!

Grand Pianos for Churches

Baldwin BP-190 Parlor Grand Piano
6'3" Parlor Grand Piano
Powerful enough to fill a large room, studio or sanctuary with concert-sized sound, the Baldwin BP-190 is a must for larger spaces.
Brodmann PE-187 Parlor Grand Piano
6'2" Parlor Grand Piano
The most critically-acclaimed piano in Brodmann's lineup the PE-187 offers Hamburg features at a much more attractive price.
Knabe WMG-660 6-foot 1-inch grand piano
6'1" Parlor Grand Piano
Designed for churches with a limited budget, this grand piano offers an incredible performance at a price few brands could match.
Baldwin BP-178 Parlor Grand Piano
5'10" Parlor Grand Piano
The most popular of Baldwin's Professional Series grand pianos, the BP-178 offers the perfect sound and a perfect price.

Upright Pianos for Churches

Brodmann PE-130 Professional Studio Upright Piano
52" Professional Upright Piano
With a sound that could rival most baby grand pianos, the PE-130 is the perfect choice for a player with limited space.
Baldwin BP-5 Studio Upright Piano
49" Professional Upright Piano
Unparalleled tone and timeless elegance set the Baldwin BP-5 apart from other pianos in its class. Explore all that this piano has to offer.
Knabe WMV-247 47-inch Institutional Professional Upright Piano
47" Institutional Upright Piano
Designed to meet or exceed district bid specs and player expectations alike, this beautiful instrument is a joy to play. Locking lid, fallboard.

Digital Pianos for Churches

Roland LX-17 Digital Upright Piano
Digital Upright Piano
The LX-17 is packed with a massive, 8-speaker Acoustic Projection™ sound system, modeling technology, a hybrid action and Bluetooth.
Roland HP-605 Console Digital Piano
Console Digital Piano
Powered by a host of new technologies, a hybrid action and Bluetooth connectivity, the HP-605 sets a new performance standard.
Roland FP-90 Portable Digital Piano
Portable Digital Piano
Ideal for praise bands and contemporary worship settings, the FP-90 offers top-grade features like Bluetooth and microphone auto harmony.
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