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Professional Stage Pianos at Gist Piano Center

Artist Recommendations: Grand Pianos

Brodmann AS-275 9-foot Artist Series Concert Grand Piano
9' Concert Grand Piano
The pinnacle of European design and old-World craftsmanship, the Brodmann AS-275 offers the majesty and awe of a true performance piano.
Brodmann PE-228 Conservatory Grand Piano
7'5"" Conservatory Grand Piano
From a gentle whisper to the roar of a concert grand, this piano brings clarity and depth to every single note.
Brodmann AS-227 Conservatory Grand Piano
7'4" Conservatory Grand Piano
Designed as the ideal piano for universities, recording studios and churches, this grand piano is handcrafted in Germany.
Baldwin BP-190 Parlor Grand Piano
6'3" Parlor Grand Piano
Powerful enough to fill a large room, studio or sanctuary with concert-sized sound, the Baldwin BP-190 is a must for larger spaces.
Brodmann AS-188 Parlor Grand Piano
6'2" Parlor Grand Piano
The ultimate expression of European piano building, this parlor grand is a delight in classrooms, living rooms and small venues.

Artist Recommendations: Upright Pianos

Baldwin B-252 Professional Studio Upright Piano
52" Professional Upright Piano
Built for discerning players who can't fit a grand piano into their play space, the Baldwin B-252 is a stunning instrument to play.
Brodmann AS-132 Professional Studio Upright Piano
52" Professional Upright Piano
Built for discerning pianists who crave the grand piano experience, but who don't have room for a grand, the AS-132 is the perfect solution.

Artist Recommendations: Digital Pianos

The Roland Baby Grand Digital Grand Piano
Digital Baby Grand Piano
A 7-speaker Acoustic Projection™ sound system, piano modeling technology, and Bluetooth make this piano the ultimate digital grand experience!
Roland LX-17 Digital Upright Piano
Digital Upright Piano
The LX-17 is packed with a massive, 8-speaker Acoustic Projection™ sound system, modeling technology, a hybrid action and Bluetooth.
The Roland V-Piano Keyboard
The Piano Redefined
Introducing a revolutionary "living" piano core that breaks the digital-sampling barrier in a stand-alone instrument.

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