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Brenda Wallover

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Piano Teacher Brenda Wallover

PIE Teacher Brenda Wallover

9825 Grenfell Way
Louisville, KY 40242

(502) 468-3424

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About Me

Brenda has played the piano since eight years of age. She has always wanted to share this joy with others.  After teaching for eight years she went on to graduate school to become an Expressive Therapist.  After doing therapy for a many years she went back to teaching with a much stronger sense of how playing the piano can enrich one's life.  The benefits of playing the piano are physical, emotional, and spiritual and Brenda tries to build on all of these aspects when she teaches.  Therefore, she has a wide range of students and she finds the teaching experience to be very rewarding.


Education and Background

Brenda earned her Bachelors Degree from Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, Ohio , with a minor in piano.  She went on to earn her Masters Degree from the University of Louisville in Expressive Therapy.


What I Teach

Brenda was strongly influenced from a fairly young age by the beautiful melodies of Franz List and the technical challenges of Bach. In addition, she was extremely motivated by her piano teacher of ten years who was a passionate musician, born in Russia and who studied music in Vienna, Austria.


Age / Skill Levels Taught
My Associations
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • All ages are welcome
  • PIE
Certifications / Awards
  • Standard Classical Repertoire
  • Pop / Rock Music

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