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Christopher Dehner

Piano Teacher

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Piano Teacher Christopher Dehner

PIE Teacher Christopher Dehner

4703 Quinn Dr.
Louisville, KY 40216

(502) 762-5800

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About Me

Chris began studying Piano at 6 years of age. He continued on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree, as well as a Master’s Degree, in Piano Performance. He taught piano for 30 years in college and at several churches in Kentucky, Delaware, Georgia and (recently) West Virginia.

19 years ago Chris taught piano lessons at Gist Piano Center and he recently relocated back to the Louisville area. He enjoys performing in the community as well, including accompanying college students in their musical studies, playing for churches and performing recitals and/or concerts. Seeing students develop into skilled players who enjoy music through their piano studies is why Chris strives to find various methods and styles that reflect each student’s musical taste. He looks forward to assisting his students, nurturing their love for music and helping them to achieve musical excellence.


Education and Background
  • Master of Music (Piano Performance) Western Ky. University
  • Bachelor of Music (Piano Performance) Lee University, Cleveland, TN


What I Teach

Chris teaches Standard Classical Repertoire, as well as Gospel (hymn style & classical arrangements), Improvisational styles, Jazz, Chord Structure, Theory, Piano Techniques, Performance and Rehearsal Techniques, and Vocal Coaching

30-45 minutes weekly lessons


Age / Skill Levels Taught
My Associations
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Ages 8 and up (Ages 6-7 accepted with after evaluation session)
  • Piano Guild
  • PIE
  • Church of God National Music Committee
  • Church of God State Music Committee
  • Dixie Valley Church of God
Certifications / Awards
  • Standard Classical Repertoire
  • Gospel Music
  • Pop Music
  • Country Music
  • Folk Music
  • Jazz/Blues
  • Improvisation
  • Vocal Coaching

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