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White Glove™ Piano Tuning Service

From time to time, your piano will require the services of an experienced piano technician. This is no more unusual than the periodic professional maintenance that your car requires and should be considered part of maintaining your piano's "health."

A minimum of twice a year (or more frequently, depending on usage, room conditions and other factors), tuning is needed to restore tension and correct the pitch of the piano. In cases where the piano in question has not been tuned for many years, a second operation called a “pitch raise” will also be required. It may take several pitch raises to restore a poorly-serviced piano.

Gist Piano Center tunes and services over 3,000 pianos across The MidWest each year. Our in-house artisans provide technical service for the premier performance venues in Kentucky (including The Kentucky Center, The Louisville Orchestra and the Lexington Philharmonic) as well as many of the universities, schools and churches in the region. These same technicians service all of our pianos, including those of our client family.

Why have Gist Piano Center tune your piano?

  • Immediate and Easy Scheduling with one of our Service Coordinators - You won't have to leave a message and wait days for a callback. Call us during business hours and we'll schedule you immediately. We know how important your time is to you.
  • Short Notice Service - You don't have to wait months for us to "get to" you. Our staff of technicians travels the bi-state area tuning 3000-4000 pianos per year. We always have time for you!
  • Master Technicians with Decades of Concert Service Experience - You get the same technicians who currently tune for such famous artists as Elton John, Reba McEntire, Jimi Brickman, Lee Luvisi, Aretha Franklin and more!
  • Continued Technician Training and Certification - Gist Piano Center has provided training for nearly every piano technician in Kentucky and Southern Indiana.
  • Precision Tuning with the Latest Technology Available - Piano tuning is part science and part art. Our talented technicians use the very latest technology to ensure that your piano is tuned properly and will hold tune properly.
  • We Keep Your Detailed Service History on File - We keep detailed records about your piano's condition on file in case you need them for restoration or resale.
  • FREE Interior Cleaning and Action Detailing - The inside of your piano can get pretty nasty. We'll clean it for FREE as part of our White Glove™ Tuning Service.
  • FREE Foreign Object Removal - While we're tuning your piano, we'll look for pencils, paper clips, pens and other debris. We'll even remove them for free!
  • 30-Day "In Tune" Guarantee - If you keep your piano in a climate-controlled environment and have your piano tuned twice a year with a Gist technician, we'll guarantee your tunings for 30 days. Nobody else offers this guarantee!

Call us or click If you'd like to request a tuning for your piano.

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