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Creating a customized piano lab or keyboard lab with Gist is as easy as selecting off the menu at a fine restaurant. Every item is of the highest quality and created to meet a variety of needs. Nobody has more piano lab experience - or more cutting-edge piano lab equipment - than Gist Piano Center. We look forward to helping you build the piano lab that will meet both your pedagogical goals and your budgetary limitations.

Why Gist?

Gist Piano Center is the region's best, most experienced choice for piano labs and piano lab conferencing equipment. Here are just a few benefits that only Gist Piano Center can offer your program:

  • Top-Grade Lab Equipment - Gist Piano Center offers the World's top name in digital piano labs: Roland. We can help you select the perfect option for your program.
  • The Gist Low-Price Guarantee - Nobody beats our prices. Read more here.
  • Purchasing Cooperative Membership - Gist is a registered member of the Kentucky Purchasing Cooperative. We are also an approved vendor for JCPS and FCPS.
  • Flexible, Budget-Matching - Every school struggles to find funds for music equipment. We can help you raise money (see more here) and we can provide you with creative equipment options that will ensure the most "bang" for your budget.
  • FREE Installation and Setup - We won't charge you to make sure your lab is professionally installed. Let us help you take the confusion out of piano lab installation.
  • FREE Unlimited Technical Support - Finding a good purchase price for your lab is only the first step. Avoid "surprise" training and upkeep expenses by partnering with Gist Piano Center. We'll provide all the training and suppport you need - FREE.

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Why Roland?

Roland is our top-selling brand in digital piano labs. Here are a few reasons why you should conisder a Roland piano lab:

  • Unprecedented Longevity - Roland's handmade pianos have metal-reinforced cabinets with no moving parts. Their "springless" actions are rated to last 30 years in a high-stress environment (like a school). Nobody beats Roland's impressive service record and nobody has a better warranty than Roland.
  • Unlimited Upgradeability - Roland also provides free flash updates online, ensuring that your equipment will never become obsolete.
  • FREE Technical Support - Roland is the only digital piano lab company to offer you and your staff FREE technial support by phone. They will also provide a FREE on-site training with your staff to launch your new piano lab. There are no hidden training costs!
  • Incomparable Versatility - Roland piano labs can double as guitar labs by just adding a simple box to each piano. Now your room can do twice as much!
  • Affordable Curriculum - For a fraction of the industry standard price, we can offer you a curriculum (complete with button-pushing instructions) for your instructors.
  • FREE Headset Replacement - The Koss headsets included with every Roland Piano Lab come with a lifetime full replacement warranty. Simply mail them in, pay a $14 shipping fee and you will receive the new headset in a day or two. Imagine how much money that will save you over time! Nobody gives you better "after the sale" support than Roland and Gist Piano Center.

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Common Roland Piano Lab Configurations

Roland Piano Labs are as versatile as the schools using them. The Roland GLC-1C Lab Conferencing System can accomodate up to 48 student instruments and one teacher instrument. We can customize any lab size you want. The two examples below are our most common sizes and product mixes:

Basic Roland Piano Lab from Gist Piano Center
8 Student Stations, 1 Teacher Station
Ideal for private piano studios, smaller universities or church music education programs, this lab setup includes everything.
Expanded Roland Piano Lab from Gist Piano Center
16 Student Stations, 1 Teacher Station
Designed for larger universities and public school music classes, this lab package includes everything you need to begin music classes.

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Roland Lab Equipment

Any Roland piano can be part of a Roland piano lab. The product list below includes our best-selling lab equipment. For a complete list of Roland Digital Pianos, click here.

Roland Piano Lab Conferencing System
Roland GLC-1C
This all-in-one communication solution is perfect for group piano teaching, ensemble instruction, and even sophisticated language lab teaching.
Roland HPi-50e Digital Piano
Interactive Digital Piano
Designed with the modern learner in mind, the HPi-50e is the World's first application-based piano. Learn to play 60% faster with the HPi-50e!
Roland HP-601 Console Digital Piano
Console Digital Piano
The choice for colleges and piano students everywhere, the HP-601 with Bluetooth is packed with features to make learning fun!

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How to Install a Roland Piano Lab

Because we offer FREE installation and setup with every lab we sell, it's rare that you'll need to know how to set it up yourself. However, if you're interested, click here for a thorough, step-by-step video demonstration of a Basic Roland Piano Lab Installation by our resident expert.

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