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Gist Piano Care Kit

For High-Polish Finishes

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Gist Piano Center Piano Care Kit for Hi-Polish FinishesGist Piano Center Piano Care Kit for Hi-Polish Finishes

Gist Piano Care Kit (High-Polish)

Avoid sticky wax buil-up and protect your piano's delicate finish with this complete piano cabinet care system. Specially selected and packaged by Gist Piano Center, the Gist Piano Care kit contains one 4 oz. key cleaner spray, specially formulated to safely clean and protect your ivory, ebony and plastic keys;  a 4 oz. bottle of high-polish finish polish; and machine washable cleaner and polisher cloths.

Waxing and polishing with anything other than a Gist Authorized product is not recommended as this can lead to build-up which can only be safely removed by trained professionals. Also, never use solvents of any kind to clean either the black or the white keys of your piano - they can damage the fine finish of the keys.

Protect your investment. Only clean and polish your piano with the Gist Piano Care Kit!

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