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Don't worry - make music!

Kicked Bach Summer Classics

Lexington: Friday, July 20

Pack your bagatelles, load up your Sonata and rush to the airport. It's time for Kicked Bach Summer Classics at Gist Piano Center!"'

That's right, man! Why don't you join us in Lexington on July 20th for Kicked Bach Summer Classics?   From Beethoven to Bober, Debussy to Joplin, Kabalevsky to Kevern, and Mozart to Matz, piano students from all over the island will showcase their piano skills at Gist’s own special kind of musical beach party! 

Meet us under the cadenza for a night of classical music like you've never seen it before. We'll party until we're baroque with kid-friendly tropical drinks, island goodies, grass skirts, authentic leis, fake palm trees and no responsibilities whatsoever! Heather Hamilton will hook you up, but you'd better contact her fast. Lots of people are going to want to get in on this.

See you there, man. ...and don't worry. Make music at Gist Piano Center's Kicked Bach Summer Classics island beach party recital thingy.

See you there!

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