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Kentuckiana Boos and Ghouls unleash their talent upon the innocent at Halloweekend - only at Gist Piano Center.

Return to Halloweekend

Louisville: October 20-21

The Search Begins Soon.

Three years. It's been three years since the legendary Halloweekend horror that changed a sleepy Kentuckiana piano community forever.

...three years since hundreds of piano students went off into the woods looking for some clue as to the whereabouts of their lost friends and fellow pianists - only to find a "music therapy" clinic run by a host of mentally insane Gist Piano Center employees. The students vanished without a trace... and so did the clinic. Despite countless searches, not one of them has been seen since that frightening Fall weekend.

Now - three years later - a brave team of explorers will return to that haunted site. Following up on a mysterious note with ties to the Halloweekend vanishing, this intrepid team will once again search for "key" clues to the whereabouts of these missing students.

Do you have what it takes?

Do you have the courage to Return to Halloweekend? If so, have your teacher sign you up early... or you might just have to join us "in spirit."

Here are the event details:

  • NEW in 2017! Upgrade your Halloweekend Experience with VIP Tickets! For only $5 per person, you will have access to preferred seating at the front of the recital hall, guaranteed placement in the concert of your choice and a commemorative photo with Halloweekend staff. Contact us at (502) 451-1831 ext. 202 to secure your VIP Halloweekend tickets today!
  • Signups for 2017 will begin at Noon on Saturday, September 9 and run through the end of the day Thursday, September 28.
  • Each student will be encouraged to dress up for the concert and Gist Piano Center will hold a Facebook costume contest after the event with some spook-TACULAR prizes! Dress to impress - you never know who will be there.
  • There is no charge to participate in Halloweekend for members of the PIE Platinum club. Piana teachers will sign their students up for the event with Matthew Presley.
  • Get your Halloween music NOW! ...before our haunting selection of spooky tunes... passes away.
  • Signups will be open on a first-come, first-served basis beginning September 9 and running through October 11. Due to fire code regulations, we can only accomodate 20 performances per concert with a maximum of 160 performances per store. ...and we WILL fill up! Students are encouraged to do duets, trios, etc.


Halloweekend is a "spooky, but not scary" event for family members of all ages. Everyone is encouraged to wear a costume and participate in all the fun! A completed Media Release form is required for each participating student. See your piano teacher for details.

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