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Pianos today have a standard width of about five feet. This is due to the fact that modern pianos all have 88 keys. The difference in grand piano models, however, has to do with their length.

Grand Piano Paper TemplateBaby Grands” are less than five and a half feet long.
“Parlor Grands” are betweem 5.5 and 6.5 feet long.
“Conservatory Grands” are 6.5 to 7.5 feet long.
“Concert Grands” are about nine feet long.

This page contains a mix of baby grand pianos and grand pianos. Click on the image to the left to request a FREE personal consultation with one of our grand piano template specialists.

Grade 1 Grand Pianos What is a Grade 1 Piano

Brodmann AS-275 9-foot Artist Series Concert Grand Piano
9' Concert Grand Piano
The pinnacle of European design and old-World craftsmanship, the Brodmann AS-275 offers the majesty and awe of a true performance piano.
Brodmann AS-227 Conservatory Grand Piano
7'4" Conservatory Grand Piano
Designed as the ideal piano for universities, recording studios and churches, this grand piano is handcrafted in Germany.
Brodmann AS-227 Conservatory Grand Piano
7' Conservatory Grand Piano
Often compared to handcrafted pianos from Hamburg, this German instrument is ideal for professional players, universities and more.
Brodmann AS-188 Parlor Grand Piano
6'2" Parlor Grand Piano
The ultimate expression of European piano building, this parlor grand is a delight in classrooms, living rooms and small venues.

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Grade 2 Grand Pianos What is a Grade 2 Piano

Custom Brodmann Grand Pianos
Designed by You!
There is nothing more personal or more elegant than a custom-designed grand piano for your home. Create the piano you will love to own.
Custom Knabe Grand Pianos
Designed by You!
There is nothing more personal or more elegant than a custom-designed grand piano for your home. Create the piano you will love to own.
Brodmann PE-212 Conservatory Grand Piano
7' Conservatory Grand Piano
Balance. Power. Beauty. Projection. These are the hallmarks of fine, handcrafted pianos and the PE-212 exemplifies these traits.
Brodmann PE-187S Strauss Parlor Grand Piano
6'2" "Strauss" Parlor Grand Piano
A stunning variation on one of Brodmann's most popular grand pianos, the "Strauss" is an elegant addition to any home.
Brodmann PE-187 Parlor Grand Piano
6'2" Parlor Grand Piano
The most critically-acclaimed piano in Brodmann's lineup the PE-187 offers Hamburg features at a much more attractive price.
Knabe WKG-58AF 5-foot 8-inch 175th Anniversary Grand Piano
5'8" 175th Anniversary Grand Piano
A breathtaking marriage between contemporary accents and traditional styling, the 175th Anniversary Edition Knabe is a rare work of art.
Knabe WKG-58 5-foot 8-inch Grand Piano
5'8" Parlor Grand Piano
The Knabe WKG-58 is an understated example of nearly 200 years of American piano design. Every note signs with Knabe's unique voice.
Brodmann PE-162S Strauss Baby Grand Piano
5'4" "Strauss" Baby Grand Piano
Elegant, beautiful and luxurious, the Brodmann Strauss baby grand is as incredible to behold as it is to play.
Brodmann PE-162 Baby Grand Piano
5'4" Baby Grand Piano
One of the best-selling pianos in the Brodmann line, the PE-162 offers design features that bring big piano sound into any room size.
Knabe WKG-53 5-foot 3-inch Baby Grand Piano
5'3" Baby Grand Piano
Stately and balanced, the Knabe WKG-53 is based on the original American Knabe scale. This precision-engineered piano is a joy to play!
Brodmann PE-150 Baby Grand Piano
4'11" Baby Grand Piano
With surprising clarity and depth, the Brodmann PE-150 is a perfect choice for those who have always dreamed of owning a grand piano.

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Grade 3 Grand Pianos What is a Grade 3 Piano

Knabe WFM-700T 6-foot 10-inch Academy Series Conservatory Grand Piano
6'10" Conservatory Grand Piano
Never before has this much piano been so affordable. Rich and thunderous, this piano is an excellent choice for larger spaces.
Baldwin BP-190 Parlor Grand Piano
6'3" Parlor Grand Piano
Powerful enough to fill a large room, studio or sanctuary with concert-sized sound, the Baldwin BP-190 is a must for larger spaces.
Knabe WMG-660 6-foot 1-inch grand piano
6'1" Parlor Grand Piano
Designed for churches with a limited budget, this grand piano offers an incredible performance at a price few brands could match.
Baldwin BP-178 Parlor Grand Piano
5'10" Parlor Grand Piano
The most popular of Baldwin's Professional Series grand pianos, the BP-178 offers the perfect sound and a perfect price.
Knabe 5-foot 9-inch Parlor Grand Piano
5'9" Parlor Grand Piano
Designed for larger living rooms, the WG-59 delivers a rich, warm sound similar to the human voice. Available in a variety of colors.
Baldwin BP-165 Baby Grand Piano
5'5" Baby Grand Piano
The BP-165 is Baldwin's largest baby grand piano - bringing the beauty and sound of the famous Baldwin grand into medium-sized spaces.
Knabe 5-foot 4-inch Special Edition Baby Grand Piano
5'4" Special Edition Baby Grand Piano
A stunning combination of Old-World style and contemporary finishes, the Knabe WGS-54 is a breathtaking instrument to see and play.
Knabe 5-foot 4-inch Baby Grand Piano
5'4" Baby Grand Piano
Available in a variety of rich and beautiful colors, the WG-54 is a staple in schools, churches and living rooms the World over.
Baldwin BP-152 Baby Grand Piano
5' Baby Grand Piano
At exactly 5', this Baldwin baby grand piano fits perfectly into any home without sacrificing the legendary Baldwin tone and touch.
Knabe WG-50 5-foot Baby Grand Piano
5' Baby Grand Piano
Versatile and affordable, the Knabe WG-50 fits perfectly into any space.
Baldwin BP-148 Baby Grand Piano
4'10" Baby Grand Piano
The ideal piano for folks who never thought they had room for a grand, the Baldwin BP-148 brings full-sized sound to small spaces.

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Grade 4 Grand Pianos What is a Grade 4 Piano

Though these pianos are not appropriate for lessons students or serious players, the right Grade 4 piano might work as a beginner instrument for the parsimonious shopper. Sifting through the myriad of familiar and unfamiliar names, however, is a tedious and time-consuming job. It should not be taken lightly.

In order to keep our Grade 4 prices to a minimum, we offer these pianos on a special-order-only basis. This allows us to offer the lowest prices available on a variety of instruments. Ask us about Grade 4 pianos and we can help you find the right instrument for you.

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Consumer-Grade Pianos

Grade 4

Available on the internet and in many “big box” retail stores, many of today's manufacturers are building pianos with excellent cabinetry, but low-grade interior components. To entice customers to buy these “starter” instruments, consumer-grade builders purchase old and - in many cases – well-respected brand names from companies that are no longer in business for themselves.

Mass-Produced Pianos

Grade 3

Filled with a number of recognizable brand names, the mass-produced piano market has always been extremely competitive. Mass producers strive to produce a large number of pianos inexpensively. Thus, the kind of personal attention common to Grade 1 and Grade 2 pianos are too time consuming to make sense in Grade 3.

Due in part to the extremely competitive nature of mass-production, Grade 3 companies represent a wide variety of quality levels. If you’re looking for a good quality - and inexpensive - lessons instrument, a Grade 3 piano might be worth considering – as long as you carefully explore the construction, performance and pricing practices of each Grade 3 brand you evaluate.

Limited Production Pianos

Grade 2

A relatively new development in the piano world, Limited Production Pianos employ a mix of hand-craftsmanship and assembly line mass-production. The result is a new category of pianos – one that incorporates much of the quality and design associated with Handcrafted pianos, but at a price closer to those in Grade 3.

Handcrafted Pianos

Grade 1

Originally, all pianos were hand-made. Communities took pride in the individual designs and unique tonal qualities of their local instruments. Even as automation made piano building cheaper and more accessible to the masses, the handcrafted piano companies thrived. Focusing on uncompromising quality, the finest woods and materials, generations of skilled artisans, and proprietary designs, handcrafted piano companies built their reputations on quality, individuality and investment value.

Today, these companies continue to build the finest pianos in the World in the traditional way: by hand. Grade 1 companies believe that the best pianos can’t be constructed with robotic welding arms and automated production lines. They are built with human hands for other human hands to play.