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Order up! Order your sheet music online and we'll email you when you're order's ready for pickup. Then, you can come in, pick up your music and be on your way before dinner gets cold - or we can ship your order to you in a five-star cardboard box - perfectly designed to seal in the musical freshness. Piano Takeout: Exclusively at Gist Piano Center.

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Flat-Rate Shipping

Gist's exclusive, $5.00 Flat-Rate shipping will save you money. Choose as many books as you want and we will ship them to you for only $5.00! (Your address information and a credit card number will be required prior to shipping.)

Are you a PIE Platinum Teacher? If so, your shipping is always FREE! Order your books now and we'll get them to you fast!

Partners In Education

Partners In Education

Gist's Partners In Education Program (PIE) is a collaborative effort between the music store and Kentuckiana piano educators designed to enhance the teaching experience, to provide students with meaningful music memories, and to give families the information they need to make good decisions regarding their child's piano education. Benefits to teachers and students include:

Contact us today for more information on this exciting program or visit the P.I.E. Program section of this website for more info.

Item Numbers

Music books often have the same names. Thus, we rely on Item Numbers to ensure that the book you order is the book we supply. Here are a couple common places you can find these vital numbers...

Some Item Numbers are printed in the top-right corner of the book.

Top-right/left corner of the front cover.

(see image).


Some publishers put their Item Number in the bottom-left corner of the back cover.

Bottom-left corner of the back cover

(see image).