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Louisville Recital Hall Reservations

Thank you for your interest in Gist Piano Center's Louisville Recital Hall. Before requesting an event in our space, please check to see if the date is clear on our online event calendar.

Gist Piano Center provides event and recital services for piano educators throughout the Louisville metro area. Please see the guidelines and recital hall fee schedule below.

Louisville Recital Hall/Event Guidelines:

  • Event requests must be submitted at least two weeks prior to your event date. We may not be able to host events that are submitted on short notice.
  • Please complete the "Additional Requirements" section accurately. We may not be able to accomodate last-minute requests.
  • Please note the maximum capacity ratings for our recital spaces. These rules are set by the Fire Marshall and we must follow them. If your event requires more than 70 chairs, please let us know so we can break the event up into smaller events.
  • Your event should begin 30 minutes after the beginning of your Reservation Slot. This helps us fit in as many folks as possible during our busy seasons.
  • To minimize confusion and keep recitals running on time, students and their families should arrive 15 minutes prior to the recital start time.
  • All events must take place during regular business hours.
  • Due to safety and productivity concerns, rehearsal times must be scheduled in advance. Students may not rehearse directly before their recital's scheduled start time.

Event/Recital Fee Schedule:

Commercial Recital/Event Rental $595.00
Music Educator Large Recital (51+ attendees) $395.00
Music Educator Small Recital (15 - 50 attendees) $295.00
Required Concert Tuning $155.00
Partners In Education Member Fee (tuning included) $0.00

Thank you for considering Gist for your next event. We look forward to helping you make it a tremendous success!


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4pm - 6pm Slot on M-F Only (Not available on Saturdays)
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