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Gist Piano Center offers two types of piano appraisal services. Please select the service that most appeals to you, complete the following form and submit it to us. One of our technicians will contact you to collect your payment information and to provide you with the information you requested. Thank you for contacting Gist Piano Center!

Gist will conduct an on-site inspection of your piano, evaluate its condition and provide analysis of current market value, repair costs and available options.
Gist will conduct an on-site inspection of your piano and provide complete written documentation describing your piano's condition, market value, repair costs and available options. This documentation is required for insurance claims, donation documentation, estate planning or settlements.
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Finding Your Serial Number

Over the years, piano manufacturers have chosen a variety of different places to place their serial numbers. The most common places on upright pianos are:

How to find a serial number on your upright piano.

Common places to look on a grand piano are:

How to find the serial number on your grand piano.

If you can't find your piano's serial number, contact your piano technician for help - or (if you select "Verbal" or "Complete" appraisals) a Gist technician will locate and note it for you.