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Digital Pianos

Digital pianos come in all shapes, sizes, and quality levels. Make sure you choose a one that will help your student advance. Don't be swayed by flashy lights. Focus on the best sound, touch, and construction you can find. Below is a limited selection of digital pianos that we are allowed to sell online. For our full collection of digital pianos, click here.

Should you choose a digital piano or a keyboard?

While it is possible during the first couple of months of lessons to begin learning basic notes and rhythms on a keyboard, you will not be able to develop the proper musculature to play a piano. You will also lack the necessary control over loud and soft sounds that pianists call “Proper Technique.” Ideally, your student should start on a piano or digital piano with a gravity hammer action. Most students who begin on keyboards get frustrated and quit within the first year of piano study. A digital piano, however, offers a much more authentic piano sound and touch and may make an acceptable starter instrument for you or your student.

Authentic Digital Pianos

With amazingly authentic piano sounds, gravity-based hammer action keyboards, extended life spans, and tuning-free operation, Roland Digital Pianos are a staple in homes and piano studios everywhere.

Roland FP-90 Portable Digital Piano
Portable Digital Piano
Ideal for praise bands and contemporary worship settings, the FP-90 offers top-grade features like Bluetooth and microphone auto harmony.

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Discount Digitals

Though not recommended as long-term lessons instruments, attractive cabinetry and Roland's legendary heritage in digital piano craftsmanship make these instruments the premier choice for entry-level digital pianos.

Roland RP-102 Discount Digital Piano
Discount Console Digital Piano
The Roland RP-102 is as compact, affordable and outfitted with Bluetooth technology - making it a good option for value-conscious beginners.
Roland FP-60 Portable Digital Piano
Portable Digital Piano
Looking for a high quality piano for home, classroom or live performance? Look no further than the Bluetooh-powered Roland FP-60.
Roland F-140R Digital Piano
Digital Piano with Stand
Featuring Roland's SuperNATURAL® Piano Sound Engine and gravity hammer action, this starter digital is a great value for beginners.
Roland F-20 Discount Digital Piano
Discount Portable Digital Piano
Outfitted with premium features like SuperNATURAL® sound and Bluetooth®, the Roland FP-30 fits any home or budget.

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