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Gist Piano Companion™

Acoustic Piano Learning and Recording System

The Gist Piano Companion
Connect it to your TV for even more fun! Fits any new acoustic upright piano. Here's how we do it. Works with your MacBook and External Speakers. Works perfectly on any new grand piano as well!

The Gist Piano Companion™

Guiding You Through Your Musical Journey

In recent years, more and more piano teachers have begun to speak out about the importance of instant feedback or "C.A.L.D." (Computer Assisted Learning Device) systems in today's piano study. Instant feedback prevents mistakes, speeds up the learning process and provides our gadget-loving students with added motivation to practice. Until now, this always meant that you had to practice on a digital instrument. Now, Gist Piano Center is proud to announce The Gist Piano Companion™.

  • Explore hundreds of video lessons from professional musicians.
  • Practice with MIDI or audio files from all major lesson series.
  • Record your own songs with an acoustic piano!
  • Project your music onto a screen or large TV.
  • You can even perform with a full orchestra that follows you!

...ALL on your traditional, acoustic piano. You no longer have to sacrifice the beauty or investment value of a traditional "wood and strings" piano for modern lessons features. The Gist Piano Companion™ gives you everything you've ever wanted in one attractive, easy and entertaining package. Stop in and try one today.

Stop Practicing and Start Playing with The Gist Piano Companion™ - exclusively at Gist Piano Center.

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