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Piano Caster Cups

When you play, your piano vibrates both from the resonance of the strings and from the impact of your fingers. Placing your piano on caster cups reduces the stresses on your piano's leg joints by allowing the piano to move slightly with these vibrations. It's a great way to protect both your instrument and your floor.

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Gist Piano Center maintains a regular stock of caster cups for grand pianos in a variety of colors. Available in clear, black or brown lucite and a variety of wood finishes, caster cups are a beautiful way to protect your carpet or floor from the weight (up to 1200 lbs) of a grand piano.

Stop in and we can special order a set of caster cups in your favorite color today!

Grand Piano Caster Cups
Clear Lucite
Our most popular-selling caster cup, this pack of 3 fits any grand piano without taking away from your piano's - or your floor's - beauty.

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