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The show must go on!

Give My Regards to Broadway!

Lexington: Saturday, April 16

"A Masterpiece of Musical Mayhem!"
- Gist Piano Center

- The Blue Grass Gazette

- The Louisville Register

- Kentuckiana Herald

Gist Piano Center and the Gist Piano Theatre proudly present Kentuckiana's Musical Masterpiece: "Give My Regards to Broadway!"

Featuring magnificent musical acts from piano students all over Kentuckiana, "Give My Regards to Broadway" is an oddball variety show that brings to life the treasured memories of American Musical Theatre in a way that only Gist Piano Center can. They will make you laugh, cry and feel feelings in ways you didn't even know you could.

Directed by veteran performer and renowned producer of such famous productions as "Dare to Dream" and "Halloweekend", Heather Hamilton is currently accepting acts for the opening (and closing) night performances on April 16, 2016.

After the show, student performers will autograph playbills of the exciting event and each student will go home with a commemorative, signed playbill.

Then, the audience, the students' families and Facebook friends will be invited to vote for their favorite act. The winning act will receive a fabulous Gist Tony Award, including an engraved trophy and a $50 Gist Certificate.

Don't miss this exciting show - playing ONE NIGHT ONLY! ...and performing acts, start rehearsing now. The show must go on!

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