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When you play, your piano vibrates both from the resonance of the strings and from the impact of your fingers. Placing your piano on caster cups reduces the stresses on your piano's leg joints by allowing the piano to move slightly with these vibrations. It's a great way to protect both your instrument and your floor.

Popular Options:

Piano Bench
Padded Top with Music Storage
Our flip-top keyboard bench is made from a durable, quality wood construction. Availabe in satin black.
X-Style Keyboard Bench
Collapsable with Padded Top
This three-position X-Style bench is affordable and perfect for fold-and-go use. Available in satin black.

Shop In-Store

Every piano is different and no piano store can properly stock every style and finish of piano bench available. However, we can custom-order hand-made benches for you in any style and finish and get them to you in less than 10 days. Stop in and select the bench that best matches your piano.

Are you tired of sitting on a hard wooden bench? Would you like to protect your piano bench from scratches, finish wear and sunlight? We have just the thing! Jansen bench pads are available in a variety of colors and sizes - designed to perfectly fit your piano bench. Simply tie the pad to the lid of your piano bench and enjoy the comfort - and protection - a bench pad can offer! Visit us today for pricing and availability.

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