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Baldwin Pianos

Interesting facts about The Baldwin Piano

  • The Baldwin Piano Company was established in Cincinatti, Ohio in 1862.
  • Baldwin has been "America's Favorite Piano" for over 150 years.
  • Baldwin was the only piano company to expand during The Great Depression.
  • Liberace, Aaron Copeland, Dave Brubeck, Miley Cyrus and Ben Folds are just some of the most famous Baldwin Artists.
  • Modern Baldwin pianos feature all-wood "Stealth" actions, Accu-just hitch pins and premium Spruce soundboards.

Gist Piano Center is Kentucky's and Indiana's exclusive authorized Baldwin dealership and Baldwin Piano Service Center.

Grade 2 Baldwin Grand Pianos What is a Grade 2 Piano

Baldwin BP-190 Parlor Grand Piano
6'3" Parlor Grand Piano
Powerful enough to fill a large room, studio or sanctuary with concert-sized sound, the Baldwin BP-190 is a must for larger spaces.
Baldwin BP-178 Parlor Grand Piano
5'10" Parlor Grand Piano
The most popular of Baldwin's Professional Series grand pianos, the BP-178 offers the perfect sound and a perfect price.
Baldwin BP-165 Baby Grand Piano
5'5" Baby Grand Piano
The BP-165 is Baldwin's largest baby grand piano - bringing the beauty and sound of the famous Baldwin grand into medium-sized spaces.
Baldwin BP-152 Baby Grand Piano
5' Baby Grand Piano
At exactly 5', this Baldwin baby grand piano fits perfectly into any home without sacrificing the legendary Baldwin tone and touch.
Baldwin BP-148 Baby Grand Piano
4'10" Baby Grand Piano
The ideal piano for folks who never thought they had room for a grand, the Baldwin BP-148 brings full-sized sound to small spaces.

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Grade 2 Baldwin Upright Pianos What is a Grade 1 Piano

Baldwin B-252 Professional Studio Upright Piano
52" Professional Upright Piano
Built for discerning players who can't fit a grand piano into their play space, the Baldwin B-252 is a stunning instrument to play.
Baldwin BP-5 Studio Upright Piano
49" Professional Upright Piano
Unparalleled tone and timeless elegance set the Baldwin BP-5 apart from other pianos in its class. Explore all that this piano has to offer.
Baldwin BP-3 Studio Upright Piano
49" Professional Upright Piano
The Baldwin BP-3 offers the performance of a professional studio piano mixed with the elegant beauty of a decorator model.
Baldwin BP-3T Studio Upright Piano
49" Professional Upright Piano
A more "T"raditional take on the BP-3, this impressive instrument features straight lines and smooth cabinet transitions.
Baldwin B-243 School Studio Upright Piano
47" School Studio Upright Piano
A modern take on the most popular school pianos ever built, the Baldwin B-243 offers the power and durability music schools demand.
Baldwin B-442 Studio Upright Piano
43.5" Decorator Console Upright Piano
Beautiful. Traditional. Warm. The Baldwin B-442 brings refinement to any room with its stunning design and thunderous tone.
Baldwin B-342 Decorator Console Upright Piano
43.5" Decorator Console Upright Piano
An elegant throwback to a more refined time, this gorgeous home piano is as beautiful to play as it is to behold.
Baldwin BP-1 Studio Upright Piano
47" Professional Upright Piano
The most versatile - and affordable - Baldwin piano made today, this incredible instrument brings World-class quality into any play space.

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Limited Production Pianos

Grade 2

A relatively new development in the piano world, Limited Production Pianos employ a mix of hand-craftsmanship and assembly line mass-production. The result is a new category of pianos – one that incorporates much of the quality and design associated with Handcrafted pianos, but at a price closer to those in Grade 3.