Gist Piano Center
About Gist Piano Center

About Gist Piano Center

Gist Piano Center is the Midwest’s leading family-owned, full-service piano firm featuring the largest variety of new and used pianos in the Blue Grass area. A full refinishing, repair, and rebuilding service center, Gist services nearly 4000 pianos per year. Gist is also the exclusive piano service provider for such iconic organizations as the Singletary Center, the Louisville Orchestra, the Kentucky Center for the Arts, and the Lexington Philharmonic. As part of our Nationally-Acclaimed Partners In Education program, Gist provides recital facilities and a full print music department to educators across three states and online.

Gist Piano Center Louisville


Gist Piano Center Lexington

Gist Piano Center Lexington is closed for now. Check back for exciting things to come!


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