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Janice Schick

Piano Teacher

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Piano Teacher Janice Schick

PIE Teacher Janice Schick

1712 Cimmaron Trail
Louisville, KY 40223

(502) 384-8711

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About Me

Janice is “New to Lou!” She taught piano for ten years in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where she was also a performer, workshop leader, and church musician. For the last four years, she has worked in Beijing, China. She speaks several languages and loves teaching people from other cultures.

Janice enjoys teaching children, teens, and adults. Whether they are beginners or advanced, she pays attention to each individual’s learning style. She believes that learning to play the piano is not just about music, but about life: learning to express oneself, to be disciplined, to be poised and confident in front of other people, and to share the music that you make.


Education and Background
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education, University of Minnesota


What I Teach

Janice’s goal for every student is to lay a solid foundation so they can become USEFUL musicians, able to enjoy playing for friends, family, church, or just themselves. This means that the eyes, ears, body, and fingers must learn to work together to create music. In today’s musical world, just reading notes is not enough; people need to know how to transpose, improvise, play a bit by ear, and make the music their own.


Age / Skill Levels Taught
My Associations
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced Sacred
  • All ages are welcome
  • PIE
  • MTNA
  • Alberta Piano Teacher Association
  • Royal Conservatory of Music (Toronto)
Certifications / Awards
  • 100% Pass Rate for students taking the RCM Exams
  • Standard Classical Repertoire
  • Popular Music
  • Country Music
  • Sacred/Contemporary Worship Music

Directions / Map to the Studio:

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