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August 15, 2016

Contact: James Harding, Director of Sales and Marketing
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RICHMOND, Ky., August 15 – When school starts this August, students at Madison Central High School will benefit from a brand new Roland digital piano lab – courtesy of a new partnership between Madison Central High School and Gist Piano Center.

With this new Roland digital piano lab, students will be able to utilize the latest interactive software and “play-a-long” materials, which studies show can accelerate learning as much as 60%. “We’re not just teaching kids to play the piano,” said Olivia Erb, Class Piano Teacher at Madison Central. “We know that active participation in music lessons can improve focus, build better physical and mental health, and even increase ACT and SAT scores by as much as 20%. This new Roland lab will expand our capabilities even further. I can’t wait to see the results in our students!”

Central to the new piano lab is a Roland lab conferencing system – giving the teacher complete control over what the students hear through their headsets. “With this control box, a teacher can pair students together, create workgroups, work with a student one-on-one or even broadcast a student or group of students to the class,” said James Harding, Director of Sales and Marketing at Gist Piano Center. “Even better, when the teacher needs the class’s attention, she can shut everything off with the touch of one button – forcing the students to stop what they are doing and pay attention. It’s an invaluable tool.”

Each of the sixteen new Roland student pianos is compatible with a number of FREE iPad apps that give students the ability to practice with digital flashcards, record and mix their own music, and play with music background files at whatever speed is comfortable for them. The teacher’s piano is an interactive Roland complete with 10.1” color screen that gives the teacher the ability to record students, produce professional CDs or even create custom finger exercises for display on a SMART Board or to be printed as student handouts.

The Roland lab was installed in early August and Gist Piano Center is working closely with Madison Central Faculty as they train and teach on the new equipment.

“The addition of the new pianos is going to give our students a very rich and rewarding experience that they will have for the rest of their lives,” said Madison Central Principle, Drew Muntz. “The music programs at MCHS are some of the best in the state and with our new piano lab it is only going to make us even better. I really appreciate the support from the board and truly appreciate the energy and effort Ms. Erb put in so that we could provide the best equipment for our students.”

Classes using the new Roland piano lab will be offered to beginner piano students, as well as students who have taken piano lessons before. According to Erb, all the piano classes for the Fall, 2016 semester are already full.

“Schools like Madison Central High School should be commended for their leadership and investment in the future of Kentucky music students. Considering our current economic climate, this kind of investment sends a clear message about MCHS’s commitment to providing their students with cutting-edge equipment and a World-Class music education,” said James Harding, Director of Sales and Marketing at Gist Piano Center.

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