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July 17, 2013

Contact: Heather Hamilton, Director of Education
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LOUISVILLE, KY, July 13th – Over 40 Louisville area music students met at Gist Piano Center on Friday, July 13th for The Happiest Recital on Earth! In celebration of the magic and imagination of Disney music, Gist Piano Center was transformed into a kingdom of music, magic and Mickey Mouse as students from all over Kentuckiana performed their favorite Disney tunes – dressed as their favorite Disney characters.

Featuring performers from across the greater Louisville metro area, The Happiest Recital on Earth presented music spanning the full catalogue of Disney’s entries into cinematic history, from the hand-drawn masterpieces of Disney’s early days to the computer-animated spectaculars of recent years. Each act included an imaginative Disney-inspired costume, a favorite musical number from a Disney film, and a number of surprises (and a little pixie magic!) that delighted audience members of all ages.

“The Happiest Recital on Earth is a chance for students to share and explore the music that drove many of them to learn an instrument in the first place,” said Heather Hamilton, Director of Education for Gist Piano Center. “Revisiting these magical memories is a great way to remind all of us why we love making music and sharing it with our families. It’s a great way to keep kids on the piano all Summer long.”

After their performance, each student took a keepsake photo in “Mickey’s Magic Photo Booth” (a green-screen environment designed to superimpose their photos onto their favorite Disney backgrounds) to immortalize the magnificent memories that they were making that evening.

The Happiest Recital on Earth is one of the most popular of Gist Piano Center’s expanding lineup of theme recitals, and it is the only event of its kind offered in the Louisville area. These recitals present students with an opportunity to perform in a fun, low-stress, peer-supported setting. As John Gist remarked, “nothing motivates a piano student like seeing live performances by other students their own age in this kind of fun, informal setting.”

Participants in The Happiest Recital on Earth are members of Gist Piano Center’s industry leading Partners In Education Program (PIE). PIE is a collaborative effort between Gist Piano Center and Kentuckiana piano educators designed to enhance teachers’ teaching experience, to provide students with meaningful musical memories, and to give families the information they need in order to make good decisions for their children’s musical education.

For more information, please call Heather Hamilton at (309) 230-1408 or visit us on the web at

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GIST PIANO CENTER began in 1971 as a small piano repair shop on Preston Highway in Louisville.  Today, Gist Piano Center is Kentucky’s only local, family-owned, full-service piano firm and the area’s only authorized Steinway & Sons representative.  A full refinishing, repair, and rebuilding service center, Gist services nearly 4000 Kentuckiana pianos per year.  Gist is also the exclusive piano service provider for such iconic organizations as the Singletary Center, the Kentucky Center for the Arts , and the Lexington Philharmonic.  Gist also provides recital facilities and a full print music department to educators across Kentucky and online at

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