Gist Piano Center
Kentuckiana Boos and Ghouls unleash their talent upon the innocent at Halloweekend - only at Gist Piano Center.

Hillbilly Halloweekend Hootenanny!

Louisville: October 20-21, Lexington: October 22-23


Howdy, ya'all! This is the official website for Gist Piana Cintr's Hillbilly Halloweekend Hootenanny!

That's right! You've done found our official online event space and we're glad you're here! We are gonna have ourselves a TIIIIIIIIIIIME! HA! You will NOT believe what Uncle Matthew has cooked up for ya this year! Listen to this harrowing story of Hillbilly Halloweekends past...

Years ago - well, one year ago to be exact - a bunch of us went lookin' for punkins and got lost in the Dark Forest. We thought we were done for for sure! ...until Cousin Jack decided to hollar out one of them there punkins and stick a candle in it like some kind of hillbilly flashlight. Yessir, we found our way home with Jack's ole Lantern and when we got back, we carved up some silly faces on the rest of 'em to light the yard. ...and that's how Uncle Jack invented the Jack-O-Lantern! That's the truth too - with my hand up!

Now. What were we talkin' about again? RIGHT! The Hootenanny.

All you gotta do is grab your kin, some spooky songs and the best hillbilly hootsuit you can find. Then, git your hiney down to Gist Piana Cintr's Recital Hollar on the dates listed above. Remember, don't tell anyone about this git together. We don't need to advertise our private business to the Governmint!

Trust me. You ain't never not now not NEVER gonna forgit this Hillbilly Halloweekend Hootenanny - not now not Never ever no - HECK NO!

Signups for this rip-roarin' good time start soon. Have your teacher sign ya up early... or you might have to join us "in spirit." Here's whatchya need ta know:

  • Each student will be encouraged to dress up for the concert and Gist Piano Center will hold a Facebook costume contest after the event with some spook-TACULAR prizes! Dress to impress. The Press. Dress to impress the press. Yeah.
  • Spooky treats will be provided after each recital... but be careful. Sweets will rot whatever chewin' teeth you have left!
  • There is no charge to participate in the Hillbilly Halloweekend Hootenanny for members of the fancy shmancy PIE Platinum club. Piana teachers will sign their students up for the event with Aunt Heather. Completed Media Release forms are required (by the Governmint) for each participatin' student.
  • Get your Halloween music NOW! ...before the MAINSTREAM media sells your song that was rightfully and clearly definies as YOUR God-given piece to someone else.
  • Signups will be open on a first-come, first-served basis beginnin' September 17 and running through October 10. We cain't take but 20 performances per concert with a county-wide max of 160 performances per store. ...and we WILL fill 'er up! Students are encouraged to do duets, trios, and whatnot.


As usual, Halloweekend is a "spooky, but not scary" event for family members of all ages. Everyone is encouraged to wear a costume and participate in all the hillbilly fun! Let's show these LAMESTREAM Media types how we do it in the Hollar! Now write down the info you need and get off our property. We'll see you later now! Bye! Go on now. Git. BYE!

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