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Digital Pianos for the Classroom

Why These Digital Pianos?

After over 40 years of cooperation with schools and universities all across Kentucky and Southern Indiana, we have seen which digital pianos hold up in the classroom and which ones don't. The instruments listed below offer unique features for education as well as the performance and durability required to last for decades in the academic environment. While we are certainly able to find a piano to suit any need or budget, the three highlighted instruments below represent the most in-demand classroom models for 2017.

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Music Teachers Recommend:
Roland HPi-50e Digital Piano
Interactive Digital Piano
Excellent for General Music teachers or piano lab instructors alike, the HPi-50e is packed full of performance features and learning apps!
Roland LX-17 Digital Upright Piano
Digital Upright Piano
The LX-17 is packed with a massive, 8-speaker Acoustic Projection™ sound system, modeling technology, a hybrid action and Bluetooth.

Digital Grand Pianos for the Classroom

The Roland V-Piano Grand Digital Grand Piano
Digital Mini Grand Piano
A 5-speaker Acoustic Projection™ sound system, piano modeling technology, Bluetooth and more wrapped in an elegant mini-grand cabinet.

Authentic Digital Pianos for the Classroom

LX-7 Roland Digital Piano
Digital Upright Piano
The LX-7 features a powerful, six-speaker Acoustic Projection™ sound system, a hybrid action, a ton of new technology and Bluetooth.
Roland HP-605 Console Digital Piano
Console Digital Piano
Powered by a host of new technologies, a hybrid action and Bluetooth connectivity, the HP-605 sets a new performance standard.
Roland HP-504 Console Digital Piano
Console Digital Piano
Now at a new LOW price, the HP-504 is ideal for colleges and piano students everywhere! Enjoy a world of apps with WIFI connectivity!

Discount Digital Pianos for the Classroom

Roland FP-90 Portable Digital Piano
Portable Digital Piano
Ideal for praise bands and contemporary worship settings, the FP-90 offers top-grade features like Bluetooth and microphone auto harmony.
Roland RP-102 Discount Digital Piano
Discount Console Digital Piano
The Roland RP-102 is as compact, affordable and outfitted with Bluetooth technology - making it a good option for value-conscious beginners.
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